As business professionals, we all need a way to differentiate ourselves from our competition. How many people are doing what you do in Nordonia Hills? As a Nordonia Referral Group (NRG) member you can have an edge over your competitors.

NRG is an association of business professionals from the Nordonia Hills area whose members meet to encourage the building of relationships and support each other’s businesses by sharing referrals.

Referral marketing is the oldest and most trusted marketing strategy, and NRG is a structured, goal oriented group of business owners who want to give referrals, receive referrals and build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Designed to make networking efficient, our meetings have a set agenda so that we don’t waste anyone’s time.


The primary purpose of NRG to increase business for its members; you send business to other members and they’ll send business to you.

We allow only one member from each profession so you will not have to be concerned about another member in your industry receiving referrals. Because your business is the only one of its kind in the group, NRG gives you an edge over your competition.

Even in the current age of social media networking, word-of-mouth remains the best way to advertise. NRG encourages developing and exchanging qualified business referrals (QBRs).


NRG allows you to develop trusted relationships that results in helping your business grow by members educating each other about what they do and the kinds of referrals they want. This is not about selling to others in the group but to learn about the other members and teach them about your business in order to be able to provide qualified referrals. Think of NRG as your salesforce.

Whenever an NRG member speaks to a client, associate, or friend who mentions a need represented by a member of the group they are able to provide a referral to fill that need. Additionally, each member knows dozens of people, who in turn know dozens of people; an extended network with the potential for many ongoing business referrals.

Of course, the effectiveness of your salesforce will depend on your participation in this mutual support system.


While there are no fees to being part of NRG, all members must be active in the Nordonia Hills business community and maintain membership in the Nordonia Hills Chamber of Commerce.


COVID 19 UPDATE: In-person meetings are currently on hold. Check the NEWS page for updates.

NRG meets on the first and third Thursday of each month from 8 – 9 am at 7 to 7 Mediterranean Cuisine, 500 W. Aurora Rd., Sagamore Hills. Coffee is available for purchase prior to the meeting, and you may arrive as early as 7am or stay after the meeting for breakfast and to meet with fellow NRG members.


If you would like to attend one meeting as a guest, please contact the NRG Administrator.

A 3 month trial membership is also available for non-chamber members for $10/month, with those fees applied towards chamber membership if you would like to join and stay in the group.